Sony Health Insurance Society

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Health insurance system

If you catch a cold, you go to the hospital, get checked by a doctor, get the medicines prescribed, and pay. Health insurance is the behind-the-scenes system that supports such everyday activities. The following describes these nuts and bolts of the health insurance system.


Health insurance cards

Describes the health insurance card you receive when you join health insurance programs

Address changes

Describes what steps to take when your address changes.

Family membership

Describes matters such as the conditions required to insure family members and applicable income standards

Removing a family member from your list of dependents

Describes conditions for removing a family member from your list of dependents.

The Society's insurance premiums

Describes the insurance premiums paid by members to fund health insurance programs and benefits

Insurance benefits

Describes the medical care benefits and the amounts of these benefits provided by health insurance

List of insurance benefits

Describes the benefits paid by the Society

Medical care cost information

Describes the medical care costs paid when you visit a hospital for a sickness or injury

Other systems related to health insurance

The Medical Care System for the Advanced Elderly

Medical insurance system for those aged 75 and older (65 and older where specific disabilities apply)

Medical expenses deductions

If the medical care costs you paid in one year exceed the base amount, part of your income taxes will be refunded when you file an income tax return.

The self-medication tax system (special exception for medical expense deductions)

The self-medication tax system has been introduced as an exceptional case under the medical expenses deductions system.

The long-term care insurance program

Members aged 40 and above are insured persons under long-term care insurance.