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Medical care cost information

The Health Insurance Society prepares “medical care cost information” so that you can check how much you paid in medical care costs and review the actual medical care costs.

  • Check the actual medical care costs using your “medical care cost information” and receipts or detailed statements.

Medical care costs for treatment of sickness or injury are uniform at all hospitals in Japan, based on the standards established by the Japanese government as Medical Fees. However, if you show your health insurance card, the only amount you pay at the hospital is the copayment. This can make it difficult to understand the actual amount of the medical care costs.

For this reason, the Health Insurance Society prepares and distributes to members “medical care cost information” showing details such as the amount of medical care costs you paid and the benefits paid by the Society.

Starting with income tax returns filed for 2017 income, to claim medical expenses deductions, you can attach medical care cost information to your tax return as details of medical care costs. Keep these documents in a safe place.

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In addition, medical care institutions will issue receipts showing medical care costs per item, including charges for the first consultation, checkup charges and treatment charges, as well as detailed statements showing more detailed “medical care information”. Try to check these against the medical care cost information you receive from the Health Insurance Society later.