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When a baby is born

  • This page summarizes health insurance procedures in the event a baby is born.
  • Complete these procedures carefully to avoid errors. Certain procedures involve submission deadlines. Others require certification or attached documents.

Adding the baby as a dependent

See here if you want to add a baby other than your own (such as a grandchild) as a dependent.

Complete these procedures soon after the baby is born.

  • Note: If you are submitting the documents more than three months after the birth, attach a written description explaining the reason for the late submission.
    No particular format is set for the written description. However, you should include the following items:
  • Addressed to: Chairman of the Board, Sony Health Insurance Society
  • Eligible insured person: health insurance card code/number, name
  • Reason: Give the reason you are submitting the documents late.
  • Signature or seal (personal seal only) of the insured person

  • If your spouse is an insured person under the Sony Health Insurance Society, provide his or her health insurance card code/number and name in the space for the reason for application on the Notification of Health Insurance Dependent (Change). (See the example of the completed form for details.)
  • If your spouse is a dependent under the Sony Health Insurance Society, proof of his or her income is required.

Salary income:

  • Salary details for most recent three months (copy)
  • Most recent bonus payment details (copy)
    • Note: If the most recent details show a lower salary due to maternity leave, absence from work, or other reasons, provide the most recent details from before this period.
  • If no commuting costs were paid in the month of the salary details submitted as described above, provide salary details for a month in which commuting costs were paid (copy).
    • Note: If no commuting costs were paid because the person walks to and from work or for other reasons, provide remarks to this effect on the copy of the salary details submitted (for example: “No commuting costs paid because place of employment is within walking distance”).

Self-employment income:

  • Table one from most recently filed income tax return (copy)
  • Income statement or statement of income and expenditure (copy)

Other notes:

  • * Valid proof of income must clearly indicate the spouse’s name, date of payment, and total amount paid; if written by hand, the document must include the company name and company seal.
  • * If the spouse’s name on the proof of income is a maiden name, submit an official partial copy of the family register or certificate of acceptance of marriage report as proof of kinship by marriage to the insured person.
  • * You may be asked to submit additional documents.

[Checking the spouse’s income]

Under the health insurance system, the family member with the highest income is considered the provider for dependent family members. If multiple members of the household earn an income, their incomes will be compared, and family members will be the dependent of the family member with the highest income.
However, at the Sony Health Insurance Society, if two family members earn comparable incomes (i.e., the difference in annual income between the two is within 10% of the annual income of the higher income earner), the family member will be a dependent of the member applying as the insured person for dependent certification.

  • Note: Even if the difference in income is no more than 10%, if the income earner cannot be considered the main provider for the family member, the other family member will not be certified as a dependent.