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If you take time off from work due to sickness

“Injury and Sickness Allowance” is paid when an insured person unable to earn a salary or other income while unable to work due to a nonoccupational sickness or injury.

If you take time off from work due to sickness

Required documents: Current employee (not planning to leave your current job within one month)
Those who have left their employer (Claims from former insured persons after loss of eligibility for coverage)
Deadline: As soon as possible
  • *See here concerning expiration of health insurance benefits.
Applies to: Insured person who took time away from work due to illness (see “Description” for more information)
Submit to: See here.

[Documents to attach]

If you are receiving a Disability Employees’ Pension, Disability Allowance, old age pension, etc. under Employees’ Pension Insurance

  • Copy of your annuity certificate (indicating the period and amount received)